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AI Generated Text Checking Tool

We have developed a beta version of AI generated text (such as ChatGPT) checking tool and can provide recommendation whether the text is AI generated or not. The word count is limited to 7,000. However, this version is still in beta testing and we can't guarantee the accuracy of the results. The system will improve as we go. We would be happy to get your feedback on the results.

After making the payment, please send your MS word file and payment receipt to

We charge NZ$10 per document. If you have multiple documents, you can merge them together if the word count is 7000 or less. If you are a community member of Anti ChatGPT, you can get seven (7) documents per year free of charge. Please mention your membership number in the subject line of the email. For security reasons, the email should come from the same email address that you used to join the community.

We plan to send the results within 48 hours with a recommendation whether the text is generated through a AI robot such as ChatGPT or not. However, the response time may increase due to high demand.

Disclaimer: This is a digital product(service) and in beta testing phase. Therefore, we don't accept responsibility for inaccuracy of results, damages, claims or returns against this product (service). Buyers may avail this service at their own risks.